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Which animal is on the brink of extinction after increased demand from china

  If you think tiger is the only animal in India which is poached to fetch millions. You are mistaken. As the big cat received all the attention, the wildlife poachers shifted their focus to other animals. Huge demand for Red-crowned roofed turtles in China and  the far east nations has  led to a situation when  only about 500 of them  remained in  the river Chambal .  Besides, pangolin scales are also in demand. Recent conviction of wildlife smugglers by a court in Sagar further emphasized the importance of conservation of other species. Turtle with Courtship Coloration There was a time when the habitat of this beautiful multi-colored turtle would stretch to a great length in central Nepal, northeastern India, Bangladesh and probably Burma where they flourished in deep flowing fresh water rivers .But   their numbers declined drastically after rampant poaching for their meat and shells from countries like China. But the major attraction also seems to be coloured stripes on the top of t
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Avni's killing: Core Issue of Tiger Corridors Lost in Oblivion

More than two and half years after a  bullet was fired from a .458 Winchester Magnum rifle by a professional hunter  shooting down  T1 of Avni, the man eater tigress in Yavatmal district of  Maharashtra , controversies continued to surround the shoot out. The case is also being heard in the Supreme Court and  government inquiries are also ordered to probe it. But the core issue of  fragmented  forests of the country and the poor connectivity of tiger corridors has taken a back seat. T1 - and her two cubs - were among the large number of tigers living outside the reserve forests when she became a man eater. The ferocious tigress was drifting around jungles and farmland near the town of Pandharkawada  town where a professional hunter shot her dead on November 2 ,2018. Tigress on the Prowl Avni, perhaps had migrated to Ralegaon area and Pandharkawada from Tipeshwer wildlife sanctuary 50-60km west of Loni village in Yavatmal district. Her first kill was  believed to be a woman named Sonab

Fate of Lion project unknown midst Cheetah translocation in Kuno

Nobody is talking about this issue. What would be the fate of the much awaited Lion project in Kuno Palpur national park where preparations are in full swing to welcome cheetahs, the fastest animal on  the earth.  The MP government is tightlipped over the issue and  so are the IFS ( Indian Forest Service) community of the state . Eight cheetahs  from Namibia and South Africa are expected to be airlifted to Kuno , nestled  in Sheopur district about 390 kms  away from Bhopal ,in November this year. Five male cheetahs and three females will be donated by Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) of South Africa. Work on to Welcome Cheetah There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the state eversince the Supreme Court approved the project in January 2020.A three-member committee comprising former director Wildlife of India Ranjit Singh, DG of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Dhananjay Mohan and DIG, Wildlife, Union ministry of Environment and Forests to guide the National Tiger Conservation A

Why MP is Denying 105- Yr Old Elephant a Guinness World Record

  She is 105 year old and retired 17 -year ago. Vatsala is the oldest surviving elephant on the earth.  Her name should have entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The female elephant has been in news after reports of deteriorating health conditions in Panna tiger reserve (PTR) , Vatsala’s home.  The director of PTR Uttam Kumar Sharma confirms she is about 105 years old.  thewildlifeindia would want  the state forest department to approach  the Guinness Books to  help Vatsala create a world record . For the last several days she had stopped eating and was unwell, said PTR veterinarian Dr Sanjeev Gupta. “But now she is improving as she has resumed food intake”, he said. From Kerala to PTR, it was a Long Journey The female elephant was shifted to the PTR in 1993 from the Bori reserve forest located in Hoshangabad district. In fact, she was brought to Bori from Kerala's Nilambur forest in 1971.In 2007, when Shahbaz Ahmed was director of the PTR he had initiated a move to get her

Thewildlifeindia Gets 9th Spot in the Top 10 Web Blogs

Your favourite - is now among the top ten blogs on the Web. And it is the only Indian blog which could find a place in the prestigious list released by Feedspot, a content reader for reading all favourite websites in one place.  Feed post released the latest ranking of the top 60 Wildlife RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds on June 22 where thewildlifeindia ranked at 9th spot. The Hall of Fame In the last 12 months of period,  thewildifeindia  continues to  be patronized  by its readers  as  it improved its ratings twice in the period.  In January this year, the blog was placed at 14th place  in the Feedspot  ratings in the list of top 60 wildlife Blogs and Websites.  Six months later in June this year, the ratings further improved and thewildifeindia was included in the top ten blogs on the web. Following is the list. 1.Global Wildlife Conservation, United States 2.Focusing on Wildlife, Switzerland 3. National Wildl

Diamond Digging To Destroy Tiger Corridor In Bundelkhand

Almost 8 months after inclusion in the list of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves , Bundelkhand’s unique ecology and heritage are all set to be ravaged. A river linking project with a proposed cutting of almost 20 lakh trees has already endangered the home of the tigers of Panna. Another 2.5 lakh trees are going to be felled to give way to a diamond project which is all set to devastate further a tiger corridor. And the way things are heading, digging for diamonds may begin soon. This is an important tiger corridor used by the big cats dispersing from Panna tiger reserve to other jungles. The peregrination of Panna’s legendry T3 male and P211 among others through the woods of Buxwah has already been recorded in the past. Tigers Frequent Through Buxwah Forests Much has already been written about the about the controversial river linking project which experts feel is going to be a bane and not a boon for the drought prone Bundelkhand.  This is going to submerge the best of tige

Park staff bridges the Mom’s Gap as Tiger Rears Disciplined Cub

Thirty days after the death of a tigress in Panna , her four cubs continue to grow, thanks to  the loyal male tiger who sired them and the staff of the tiger reserve . As the park staff closely monitors the upbringing of the cubs in the absence of their mother, it turned out to be a learning experience for them.  Imagine, the tiger hunts for the cubs and the park staff delivers it in the ‘cubs’ territory’ to enable them to eat.  Some new lessons in tiger conservation are being learnt every day by Panna tiger  reserve of Madhya Pradesh. Cubs’ Territory: Lesson for the Litter and the Staff Images of the cubs’ movement churned out by the camera traps have been immensely useful for the park management to monitor them. Disciplined cubs remain in their territory which has been termed as ‘cubs territory’ by the park. “They now have a territory within which they move. Size of this territory is less than one square kilometer. We can call it ‘Cub’s Territory’”, says Uttam Kumar Sharma, the park