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A Cheetah By The Tail

 Cheetah  rescue operations after they stray  away from the  safe confines  of  congested  Kuno national park  have been reported   regularly in India  since  September 2022 when  the  maiden  batch of African cat landed in India  amidst much fanfare. But the latest visuals of yet another such action- this time in  a crowded Rajasthan village in Karauli district-put a question mark again  on the safety of the animal.   This cheetah had to be handled physically in order to prevent it from falling into a ravine as it cornered at the crest of the ravine after darting amid a gathering of an huge crowd nearby. Pawan's Life Was At Risk  Rajasthan forest  department officials alerted Kuno  National Park authorities  about the cheetah leading them to a rescue operation. Pawan, the male cheetah had wandered into Rajasthan through Chambal river bank and was spotted by the local villagers who in turn informed the  local authorities. “Male cheetah Pavan was rescued from Karauli district in Raj

Thewildlifeindia Gets 9th Spot in the Top 10 Web Blogs

Your favourite - is now among the top ten blogs on the Web. And it is the only Indian blog which could find a place in the prestigious list released by Feedspot, a content reader for reading all favourite websites in one place.  Feed post released the latest ranking of the top 60 Wildlife RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds on June 22 where thewildlifeindia ranked at 9th spot. The Hall of Fame In the last 12 months of period,  thewildifeindia  continues to  be patronized  by its readers  as  it improved its ratings twice in the period.  In January this year, the blog was placed at 14th place  in the Feedspot  ratings in the list of top 60 wildlife Blogs and Websites.  Six months later in June this year, the ratings further improved and thewildifeindia was included in the top ten blogs on the web. Following is the list. 1.Global Wildlife Conservation, United States 2.Focusing on Wildlife, Switzerland 3. National Wildl

Diamond Digging To Destroy Tiger Corridor In Bundelkhand

Almost 8 months after inclusion in the list of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves , Bundelkhand’s unique ecology and heritage are all set to be ravaged. A river linking project with a proposed cutting of almost 20 lakh trees has already endangered the home of the tigers of Panna. Another 2.5 lakh trees are going to be felled to give way to a diamond project which is all set to devastate further a tiger corridor. And the way things are heading, digging for diamonds may begin soon. This is an important tiger corridor used by the big cats dispersing from Panna tiger reserve to other jungles. The peregrination of Panna’s legendry T3 male and P211 among others through the woods of Buxwah has already been recorded in the past. Tigers Frequent Through Buxwah Forests Much has already been written about the about the controversial river linking project which experts feel is going to be a bane and not a boon for the drought prone Bundelkhand.  This is going to submerge the best of tige

Park staff bridges the Mom’s Gap as Tiger Rears Disciplined Cub

Thirty days after the death of a tigress in Panna , her four cubs continue to grow, thanks to  the loyal male tiger who sired them and the staff of the tiger reserve . As the park staff closely monitors the upbringing of the cubs in the absence of their mother, it turned out to be a learning experience for them.  Imagine, the tiger hunts for the cubs and the park staff delivers it in the ‘cubs’ territory’ to enable them to eat.  Some new lessons in tiger conservation are being learnt every day by Panna tiger  reserve of Madhya Pradesh. Cubs’ Territory: Lesson for the Litter and the Staff Images of the cubs’ movement churned out by the camera traps have been immensely useful for the park management to monitor them. Disciplined cubs remain in their territory which has been termed as ‘cubs territory’ by the park. “They now have a territory within which they move. Size of this territory is less than one square kilometer. We can call it ‘Cub’s Territory’”, says Uttam Kumar Sharma, the park

Return of ‘Bagheera’ in the Mowgli land of Pench

In the Mowgli land of Central India’s Pench tiger reserve , ‘ Bagheera’  has returned. And this black leopard is attracting the attention of a large number of wildlife tourists. So far only a few lucky people got a chance to have some glimpses of this elusive big cat, mostly wandering around the buffer zone of the jungle and also often visiting the core area. Despite the presence of  the star big -cats like Collarwalli, Patdev or L-Mark, there is a lot of buzz  in the park about ‘ Bagheera‘ too. Kipling Immortalises Black Panther Rudyard Kipling immortalized the black panther  –Bagheera. As a child Kipling lived in India and most of his stories are set in the country, though it is not entirely clear in exactly which part of the country.  The jungles that claim to be associated with Kipling stories include Pench National Park located near the district of Seoni.  Also read : Like Her Mother in Pench, Patdev Tigress delivers 5 cubs The park is also popularly known as Mowgli land and the e

Like Her Mother in Pench, Patdev Tigress delivers 5 cubs

Pench tiger reserve is celebrating the birth of five cubs thesedays. And this has happened after a long gap of almost 11 years. Wildlife lover were enthralled  when they first spotted T4  nicknamed Patdev moving around with her cubs,delivered some time in November last year. The majestic feline seems to be following the path of   her mother, the celebrated tigress- Collarwalli . The mom, still the most popular tigress of Pench, has  so far delivered 29 cubs in her 17 years’ of life, a record of sorts. With her fourth litter of 5 cubs, T4 has till now delivered 16 cubs. Will she be as fertile as Collarwalli ? Wildlife experts answer in affirmative. She can as she is just 11- year of age.   The Crown Princess of Pench Patdev was born in 2010 to Rayakassa male and Collarwalli from her third litter with 5 cubs. After marking her area , T4 settled down in the northeastern side of Kalapahad .  But she also started dominating in about a 30 sq km area  including the southeastern side of the j

Lonely Panna Tiger Misses Mate While Rearing Four Cubs

  Besides playing an exceptional father, this Panna tiger also seems to be showing great emotions for his mate. The tiger is spending long hours at the spot where the tigress was cremated. Just after an hour of cremation of his beloved, the tiger was spotted on the same site- sitting quietly as if missing the mate. In another instance he was again  found sitting, for a considerable amount of time,  this time at the location where the tigress had died .These are the moments when the tiger tracking team  could actually  notice it.  They feel the tiger is usually moving around the same spots, the place of cremation and the jungle patch where the tigress died on May 15, the culmination of almost two years’  of companionship between the male tiger P243 and the female P213-32. Caring Father,  Teaching Life Lessons The exceptional fatherly act by P243 not only caught the attention of the tiger enthusiast all around the globe but also is proving to be fresh behavior on the part of a male tige